Thursday, 1 March 2012


Well its the first day of March...and as I look at the weather machine and see its -13.6C I dream of summer.
Last summer was pretty dismal but we did have some fine days in amongst the RDF. Here on The Compound there is so much to do at any time of the year but summer is the most fun.
We get more visitors and get to give better tours around the property. We go camping up back at the campsite. We can swim in Grand Pond. Haul up a few spuds and pick some veggies to go with the trout we caught. Sit out by the fire and consume a wobbleepop or ten. Its good times.
Its funny because I never wanted a weekend cabin. It would have been too sad to leave it every taking down the Christmas tree or putting out the campfire. But living in the woods full-time is awesome in my opinion. Granted its not for garbage collection or phone lines. But also no property taxes or town council or annoying neighbours.
*buzzzzzz* Time to take those raisin buns out of the oven.....

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