Thursday, 22 March 2012

Operation Homespun - Episode Five

She's almost 'ere bys. The day after tomorrow is the big day. Never were knitters so excited. Now when it comes to big days dressing up is the norm. No surprise that I am not a fan of the dressing up. Part of this stems from having to shop and try on the potential dressing up items.
Soooo needing something to wear...and match my socks. And to go with jeans and crocs....I knit something.
I know...I know....but really did you expect anything different. Its a jumper. Or a T-shirt. Its whatever you want to call it. But its khaki. And has runes. And its made out of wool. Yes wool...and I don't want to hear anyone get on with any itchiness foolishness. I didn't take the best pictures at 4 am but it works. And its no surprise it says Operation Homespun on the front and The Next Generation on the back.
With my get up sorted, now what to do with my hair? Only two more sleeps...

1 comment:

  1. You could try crocheted dreadlocks....

    Looking forward to seeing the show all together!