Saturday, 17 March 2012

Operation Homespun- Episode Two

So after thinking about what I wanted to make and looking through my wool inventory I decided that I would knit a variation of Shirley's Homespun Jacket on page 47. Instead of 4 ply I would use double Heritage 2 ply from Briggs and Little. In medium gray. Because I had enough medium gray on hand. And I always wanted to know how close the pencil drawing was to the reality. I wonder who did all those drawings...anyone know?
When it comes to knitting things I am not really one for knitting swatches and pre planning. I just sort of go with the flow.
So knit purl knit purl for a long time. Because its all ribbing.
When I had the back and the fronts and the sleeves done. I thought about pockets. I decided I didn't want the original pockets. Thought about inset side pockets. Threw pockets out the mental window because I felt they would ruin the line of the garment. Thought about closures. Belt? No belt? Wanted it to look dressier somehow. Had an idea. But first there was the hood to complete. I wanted a hood because hoods are cozy and because I love the Republic I decided to knit it like the flag. Pink, white and green. Let me tell you knitting that hood was quite the job. I actually had to put the sweater in a recycling bag and sit it on the floor so as I was knitting it could spin easier as I did the rows because the jacket was so big and bulky when I had it on my lap the knitting had my hands up at eyeball level.
So once that was done back to the closures. My mom had been in Maryland visiting my sister while I was knitting the jacket and found me the perfect buttons to use with my I cord frogs. Loved them. Used them. And because I was under my deadline I could try coming up with another entry. Only seven more sleeps...

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