Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fill yer boots

Rubber boots...I love them. You can jam em on your feet summer or winter. You can splash in puddles. I have a pair with felt liners. I have a plaid pair. I used to have a bouncy camouflage pair that were my favorite but they wore out. I have a regular pair. But my favorite pair are Sam's. I steal them all the time because I can wear my wool socks and pant legs tucked in.
Now the non-lovable thing about rubber boots is what they do to a pair of socks. If you are laughing you know what I mean. No matter what you do to prepare those rubber boots will suck the socks right off your legs. It might take five minutes or it might take an hour bit eventually those socks become toe scrunchies. There you are in the bog or the snow or on a patch of moss balanced on one foot fishing the sock out of the depths of the boot. Never fails.
Now with that said I do have one pair of socks that defy the rubber boot. Mrs. Claus gave em to me for Christmas. They are wool. Salt and pepper in colour and knee high. They fold over the top of my rubber boots and have moose around the top. I need twenty pairs. Honestly. Twenty. At least.

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