Friday, 30 March 2012

A Day of Firsts

Today we had a record number of guests for March at The Compound. Actually it was a record for any non-summer month. Not only that but we had our first baby guest which meant Spider met his first baby. And what a cutie Ben was in his little frog hat and stripy Dr. Suess socks. I never saw such a happy baby. He could suck the crooked out of you with his grin. We also had our first toddler guest. Jakob met chickens for the first time and doggies too. He also practiced a word he learned this week...EGG.
I saw Martina and Tammy twice in one week for the first time since we started working together. I also learnt that Tammy is a baby Whisperer. Who knew?
I discovered that we mostly all liked currants better than raisins.
I met Jeff for the first time. Found out that he knows Sarah...she's my first friend...we met in Kindergarten at Bishop Field.
And can you believe it? Mel visited me! We've been pals for years and years and years. Somehow I caught her at a weak moment before I knew how amazing it was and we went to Washington DC almost ten years ago to visit my sister. But through all the jigs and reels of life she never managed to visit me. Its become a running joke that many people know about. But that joke has come to an end. And we have pictures to prove it.
It was an awesome day. Sure it was sorta a runny nose raw on the hands day but we drank tea and ate buns. No one got dirty enough but we had fun. Oh I almost forgot we saw the first crocus. We will do it again and that then I will make sure we have a fire and marshmallows. Because Jakob would love to try out that first with Auntie Laurie...

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