Thursday, 28 June 2012

Goat News June 28

So I have spent the last 36 hours stalking my new goats. You've probably seen umpteen pictures and videos and that won't change till the data allotment gets used lol. Here are some things I have learned about Storm and Cloud.

1. They are super cute and are personality plus. They would be sure to win any Goat Congeniality award.

2. Storm loves raisins but Cloud does not. Can't blame him really.

3. They need raincoats and sou'westers and goat rubbers.

4. Hay is their least favorite thing to eat. Least being relative when it comes to eating anything.

5. I have said stop eating my shorts more times than Bart Simpson said to eat his.

6. As much as I hate people eating noises, goat chomping is a very soothing noise...just like chicken cheeps.

7. Himself makes more goat noises than the goats do.

8. Dandelion leaves and raspberry bushes are yummy.

9. They like their new furniture.

10. Its only a matter of time before I am sharing the couch with two beagles, a cat and two wee goats.

I need to learn tons more about goats but in the meantime thanks to everyone who helped in my procurement of Storm and Cloud…and if you love hearing about goats...go to The Grumpy Goat Gallery in Upper Island Cove to see two awesome girl goats and beautiful art...and Baynoddy in Chapels Cove to see goats, llamas and sheep not to mention the lovely spinning and knitted things.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Storm and Cloud

They arrived at about 5:30 yesterday. The cutest wee goats, Storm and Cloud. They didn't have to travel far...only from Whitbourne.
We had just finished their accommodations. And I had to laugh because I told Himself how little they were but he must've tuned me out or not believed my crazy talk. Well when he saw them both in a dog crate in the back of the pickup and then picked up one to carry him...well then he believed. Our beagle Duke weighs more than twice what one goat does.
Storm and Cloud had been living on a patio. They were filled with goaty glee when they were put in their pen. Grass and shrubbery to eat. Things to jump and play on. They started chomping and frolicking immediately. Duke and Chief were very interested in their new hooved brothers. They sang them a beagle welcome. Storm and Cloud ignored them.
Then as darkness fell Himself worried that the goats needed a night light. So there was light in the Old Shack for the first time in years in not decades. Storm and Cloud snuggled up together and went to sleep.
I dare say there will be even more visitors to The Compound now that these little munchkins have taken up residence. I know I am still doing a goaty jig! They are goatacular!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Today should be the day. Don't wanna ginx it (today we shall use G's for J's).
Little Storm and Cloud should be making the trek from Whitbourne today. Yippee!
Since Saturday we have been going steady belt to get everything ready. Gutted the side of the Old Shack that will be their inside accommodation. Cleared trees and whatnot out of the first stage outdoor paddock. First stage because we will keep expanding.
Felled a gazillion trees for fencing. Dragged em out of the woods, limbed em and skinned em. Measured and cut them and pounded and nailed em. Ran out of nails.
Yesterday Himself went and got hay and hinges and nails and fencing. Discovered a 50lb bale of hay will not fit in the trunk but will fit in the back seat. When he got home we continued and finished the fence. We've got a few more things to finish before the little munchkins get here but nothing too much :)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Getting My Goats: Part Deux

So yesterday I decided to zip out to Whitbourne to see the little goats. Its only ten minutes away. I called the lady and she said come on over. So off I went.
When I arrived there was a welcoming committee of puppy dogs. Let's see if I can remember. There was a Burmese mountain cross. A seven month old Newfoundland. A fluffy black pregnant teacup Pomeranian about to have her puppies. A golden retriever cross. Another medium size fluffy something and two more Pomeranians.
In I went and out through the house to where the goats were. Now I went to see them thinking about getting one. Because they are both boys. And I thought I would only have one boy and then find a girlfriend for him. Well at some point there might be a girlfriend but these little dudes are twins and act like it. So we will cross any bridges when they get older if we need to.
Now before I go on about the goats. This lady also had two horses there. Now she used to have miniature horses too but they had already gone to new homes. Her health isn't so good so she is having to downsize her menagerie. Her friend was there told me she had been in tears lately about it. Poor lady.
But back to the horses. The first one, a mare was gigantic. A former racehorse who had been worked almost to death in the woods after retirement. She is 12. When the lady rescued her she was hundreds of pounds underweight and had broken ribs and cuts from barbed wire. The man who owned her and abused her to this point had already shot a Newfoundland pony in his "care" and the only reason this horse hadn't met the same fate was that she was so big he would have had trouble hiding her body. The vet said she was on deaths door. But she is back to health and lovely. I fed her carrots (like ya would) If anyone is looking for a beautiful, calm ride able mare contact me and I'll get you more info :)
So that was sad and happy at the same time.
But Storm and Cloud meanwhile were playing with their rubber chicken...I know awesome what? They ate some carrot too and basically were too adorable for words. So the lady said she would drop em off on Tuesday and I thought she was gonna cry when I said I would keep them together and take both. Why Tuesday? Well there are goat accommodation to get ready and fences to be built and hay to be gotten and all kinds of goatly things to do.
When I got home and told Himself he was like what?! I think he thought I wouldn't find goats lol. So he started the list of things to do ( trying to scare me off) and off I went. Most of the interior work is done. Fenceposts will be cut today. And tomorrow he gets to cram the car with as much as will fit from Country Co-op. We need chicken feed anyways...fencing, hay, grain and buckets and a gazillion other things. Come on Goat Day...I mean Tuesday.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Goat Getting

I am getting closer to my goat getting goal. Its been a multi step process. I never thought Himself would agree to goats but I can thank Cliff (his dad) for saying, when he saw what Himself had done to the Old Shack (our extra house), "You could keep a couple calves in here". Well when I heard that I thought to myself, "Self, pretend you want calves and as a compromise you'll get goats"
So two pygmies were agreed to. Its funny because months ago my friend Linda Lewis ( who has a wicked awesome spot called Baynoddy in Chapels Cove) had posted pictures of wee cutie-goatie pies from a place called Innisfree. I LOVED those little creatures. Then when I put out a plea for goat leads Linda mentioned those same little goats.
She contacted the owner and found out that all the little goats were gone. Alas it was not to be....or was it?
Yesterday I posted a goat wanted ad. I had been checking online daily for available goats and no luck. Shortly after I posted I got an email from a lady with pygmies. I called her and in getting some details I thought these little fellers sounded familiar. Sure enough she had Storm and Cloud.
So now I need to finish my list of goat supplies and we need to get cracking on making a goat palace with a playground for King Storm. I will try to find him a Queen because its not sensible for me to have have two boy goats and I don't want him to be lonely for goaty companionship. Goats get sad if they are by themselves.

See below for pics:

Friday, 15 June 2012

Little Growing Things

I love growing things. Little seeds turning into food. Its awesome. This year I am doing a two phase planting. Did I plan it that way? Nooo, of course not. But it'll work well.
My peas, green beans, beet, spuds, carrots, and swiss chard are all up. They made it through the couple weeks of fog. The onions are clipping along. I still have to plant yellow beans, more green beans, okra and collard greens.
Yesterday I stopped in to a little spot in South River to get some tomatoes. There is a lady there who has greenhouses and sells flowers and veggies. I don't think it has a name. When I dropped by she was hosting a party for the Clarke's Beach Friends group and they were having a grand ole scoff of desserts and whatnot. She brought me to the tomato corner and picked out beefsteak, sub arctic and tiny tim tomato plants for me. She had asked me what type of tomatoes I wanted and had a chuckle when I said it didn't matter. When she was tallying up my purchase I took advantage of all the locals to ask about pygmy goats. No leads. But they got a giggle out of it.
I planted the tomatoes yesterday. Over the next few days I'll plant the rest of my seeds in between knitting and pickling and marmalading.
Go plant something now...its good for you :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Some Good Market

This past weekend we held the first Some Good Market. What fun! Lots of people came by on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone got to meet the chickens. Everyone went away away with treats.
The weather cooperated but with the awesome event tent it didn't matter. We were covered.
It was awesome seeing people I hadn't seen in ages and others I had never met in person. We had people arrive on bicycle, atvs and by the carload. Mom took folks up to the Campsite for a look and Sam took others down for a flick in Grand Pond.
Not only was it fun during the day but it was fun to read what people were saying on FB.
Currant buns were inhaled on the way home by toddlers and grownups alike. Babies tried green tomato pickles for the first time. Hot dogs were garnished with cabbage and onion pickles. Little kiddies hid lassy buns away to have one for later and others were devoured. Cinnamon cakes were eaten while waiting at the store on the way home. Puppy dogs scoffed barky bones. Breakfasts of the eggs that were brought home by the 6's, the 4's and finally the 2's were eaten.
What a time. I can't wait to have another'll be July 14-15. There will be repeat vendors and some new ones! Stay tuned...should be some fun announcements as we get closer.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Some Good Market

This weekend whilst knitting I was thinking about the St. John's Farmer's Market. Hordes of folks were going and hordes were talking about their awesome wares. I love markets like that. So I said to myself, "Self, The Compound would be a good spot for a markety thing."
So I hmmmed and hahhhed for five minutes and created my first event on good ole Facebook.
Then the panic set in! What was I thinking? Less than a week. 6 sleeps for cripes sakes.
But what odds. What odds indeedy deed. We'll see how she goes.
Its now 5 sleeps ( if you have time for sleeping). Some Good Market has confirmed guest crafters and some are waiting to confirm.
This is the first go so there might be some bumps along the way but it will be fun! Here's a taste of what's going to be on the go...and stay tuned for more as we get closer to the weekend :)

Mewfoundland Purrrfections - woolen handknit catnip cat toys

Dianna's Diaper Cakes - Wonderful creations made of diapers for any baby-related event ( not sure if she does them in adult diapers too...that might be an idea for a bachelor party lol)

Fit to be Dyed - Colourful tie dye kerchiefs, t-shirts and tote bags

Baked goods - lassy buns and current buns and perhaps some surprises

Pickles and chutneys and jellies and more in the preserve family.

Brown and green eggs laid by the famous Chickens of the Compound

A Fishpond for the young and young at heart! Gotta have a Fishpond and have a surprise.

Stay tuned for more stuff...cause there will be more stuff...and its some good.

See you at the opening of Some Good Market on The Compound.