Friday, 22 June 2012

Goat Getting

I am getting closer to my goat getting goal. Its been a multi step process. I never thought Himself would agree to goats but I can thank Cliff (his dad) for saying, when he saw what Himself had done to the Old Shack (our extra house), "You could keep a couple calves in here". Well when I heard that I thought to myself, "Self, pretend you want calves and as a compromise you'll get goats"
So two pygmies were agreed to. Its funny because months ago my friend Linda Lewis ( who has a wicked awesome spot called Baynoddy in Chapels Cove) had posted pictures of wee cutie-goatie pies from a place called Innisfree. I LOVED those little creatures. Then when I put out a plea for goat leads Linda mentioned those same little goats.
She contacted the owner and found out that all the little goats were gone. Alas it was not to be....or was it?
Yesterday I posted a goat wanted ad. I had been checking online daily for available goats and no luck. Shortly after I posted I got an email from a lady with pygmies. I called her and in getting some details I thought these little fellers sounded familiar. Sure enough she had Storm and Cloud.
So now I need to finish my list of goat supplies and we need to get cracking on making a goat palace with a playground for King Storm. I will try to find him a Queen because its not sensible for me to have have two boy goats and I don't want him to be lonely for goaty companionship. Goats get sad if they are by themselves.

See below for pics:

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