Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cotton Dishcloths

I had someone ask me the other day if I knew anyone who would be willing to knit cotton dishcloths for wholesale. Now it was actually more like consignment but still. I know plenty of people who probably would but let me just do some math for you.
I am a fast knitter. If you don't believe me go watch the Land & Sea episode "Wool Whisperers"...its online. Now it takes me almost 54 minutes to knit a regular dishcloth. I used a stopwatch. The cotton yarn to make a dishcloth can range in price from $1 to over $2. With the minimum wage in this province at $10 an hour a dishcloth should cost $10-11.
So when someone asks me if I know anyone willing to knit three for $7 (that works out to $1.48 an hour after buying the yarn) I am going to say no. Emphatically no. And you should too.
Please share this blog. Oh and if you need any dishcloths...I have some for sale. How much do you think my time is worth?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Tale of Three Roosters

Yes there are three. Rooster Prime is Nacho Grande aka Red aka King Henry VIII. His son is Onesie who just had his first birthday on May 12. Then there is CoCo's consort, Nut, who is a Silkie. Now before you ask...yes that's a couple more than needed.
So the boys have been getting along...mostly. There was a good bit of chasing but that was about it. That changed yesterday.
I let the flock out yesterday morning and Nacho didn't seem considering his age I thought might be on his last legs. Well, Onesie saw his chance to overthrow his father. They had words.
Onesie is now in segregation with a bloody wound to his head/comb. Nacho staggers like a young fella on George Street.  Nut was also put into lockdown today as he went after Nacho. So. Now I wait.  The big guy might not survive but he doesn't seem to be in distress so I'll see what happens. Might just have a concussion.  Keep your claws crossed.