Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Been Some Time

So its been months since I blogged. Not because I didn't want to be. There has been tons to be talking about. But my poor ole phone couldn't handle it after the excursion down the well. Don't get me wrong I'm happy it worked at all.
Headed into town yesterday evening to get a new phone...I had sort of wanted to hang on till the Galaxy 4 came out but it was not to be. Galaxy Note II instead and its fun fun fun.
Okay so lots of things have been fun lately.  Operation Homespun patterns were released.  I got to do a live radio interview on CBC. Some Good Market went to Town and is going back Big Time. Oh and there was Land & Sea. Holy bazoly it couldn't be better really.
So fair warning that I'll be back yammering about anything all the time..oh and happy first day of spring...whatever that means here in Newfoundland lol