Friday, 30 March 2012

A Day of Firsts

Today we had a record number of guests for March at The Compound. Actually it was a record for any non-summer month. Not only that but we had our first baby guest which meant Spider met his first baby. And what a cutie Ben was in his little frog hat and stripy Dr. Suess socks. I never saw such a happy baby. He could suck the crooked out of you with his grin. We also had our first toddler guest. Jakob met chickens for the first time and doggies too. He also practiced a word he learned this week...EGG.
I saw Martina and Tammy twice in one week for the first time since we started working together. I also learnt that Tammy is a baby Whisperer. Who knew?
I discovered that we mostly all liked currants better than raisins.
I met Jeff for the first time. Found out that he knows Sarah...she's my first friend...we met in Kindergarten at Bishop Field.
And can you believe it? Mel visited me! We've been pals for years and years and years. Somehow I caught her at a weak moment before I knew how amazing it was and we went to Washington DC almost ten years ago to visit my sister. But through all the jigs and reels of life she never managed to visit me. Its become a running joke that many people know about. But that joke has come to an end. And we have pictures to prove it.
It was an awesome day. Sure it was sorta a runny nose raw on the hands day but we drank tea and ate buns. No one got dirty enough but we had fun. Oh I almost forgot we saw the first crocus. We will do it again and that then I will make sure we have a fire and marshmallows. Because Jakob would love to try out that first with Auntie Laurie...

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Operation Homespun - Epilogue

Well just got off the phone with The Telegram. Tara Bradbury is doing a story on one of my favorite things...Operation Homespun. And to think yesterday she was interviewing Shannon Tweed. That makes me giggle. It was something to rid my mind of the forecast for up to 25 cm of snow I just saw as I took the call. Can't wait to see the article and who else they spoke to. Its going to be in tomorrow's issue :)

A Man & His Needles

In this day and age most people think of knitting as a woman's pastime. There are some men who knit but not many and those that do sometimes hide the fact. And while its a pastime for many people for others its a way of life.
But back in the day the womenfolk spun the fibres and then the men knit em up. Back around the Middle Ages and Renaissance young men had to apply to knitting guilds. Before he could even apply for entry he had to find a Master Knitter to study for six years. Only then could he apply. And you just didn't knock on the door. With a three month deadline he had to whomp up a fancy carpet with a coloured motif 6x5 feet, a knit then felted cap, a wool shirt and a pair of hose. If he passed with his entry he became an apprentice in the guild. Can you imagine? I doubt many men made it to Master status considering the lifespan they had back then.
But lots of men were and are knitters. The Prince of Wales...who became Edward VIII... knew how to knit. And he was Mr. Fashion Plate back in the day. I have read that Russell Crowe can and Johnny it true? We may never know.
But anywho times changed. And the needles were passed. Knitting styles have changed with the times. Looser styles are favored today. But if you look at old patterns from the 30s and 40s they were very snug. Part of the reason for this was wartime rationing. A man could hope to get a new sweater once in five years. And he needed that sweater. It was a staple of the wardrobe.
Sweaters and socks and hats and mitts were knitted. But so were bathing suits. Special yarns were used that held up better in sun and water. And next time you giggle at a Speedo...think of rigging out your man in a hand knitted bathing rig. Men weren't allowed to show their chests so some of the suits didn't look very manly. Some of the suits had skirt attachments over the trunks....and that was in the 30's. Makes me giggle.
So the next time the man in your life complains about being second fiddle to your knitting tell him to button his lip or he might be laughed off the beach this summer.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Postal Shed and the Liberry

Slalomed and moguled down the road today. Is it ever in hard shape. But its still quicker than going the less bumpy way. Stopped into the Postal Shed and saw Marjorie the Post Mistress who's back from vacation.
Seeing as its Wednesday I stopped into the Bakery Outlet down in Bay Roberts where I had heard you could get bread and whatnot for chickens. They didn't have any...I was too late but the nice lady gave me her number to call. The going rate is 20 loaves for $3. Well then. Apparently some farmers buy thousands at one go.
Then off to the liberry. I loves the liberry. Okay fine then the liiibrary. Its a new one in Bay Roberts. How new I don't know but they have a pretty good selection. I got some awesome knitting books and a sealing book from the folklore series circa 1979 and a novel and a cookbook and the Cuffer Anthology. It doesn't take long to pick out 12 books.
I should have stopped and got some salt cod from buddy who was selling it off the hood of his car for $4/lb but I didn't pass him on the way home. There's always something for sale on the side of the road. That's the fun part of driving the old way.
No time to waste with new readables in the house.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Beard of the Old Man

Not being made of spun sugar, I decided to take a tromp around a different part of The Compound today. As Weatherdude aka rbstormpost tweeted there were bands of rain coming through over the Avalon. This was true. But it was also Newfoundland warmish with no wind. I love the no wind.
When tromping around I don't usually have a destination...I just wander wherever. Usually the depth of snow or bog or thickness of brush will help determine my route. There can be lots of routes because as I discovered watching BC Battles the other morning my Compound covers more land than Jericho did back in the old timey times. Which is great for tromping but not so much for fencing. I would need more than a mile. Sheesh. I will have to have a fence party. Any takers?
So tromping along with my trusty phone for picture taking and my sou'wester on my noggin I was all set. One thing I love in the woods is old mans beard. Its in abundance. Its the best lighting a campfire and smells better than any scent febreze can come up with. Its a lichen...a strange symbiosis of fungus and alga. The other good campfire lighting material is birch bark which also smells awesome. The wind has done the job on some of the birch. The bark streamers are hanging on for dear life.
In places the moss is so vibrant it looks no different than summertime. I have a couple mossy mounds up back that I like to imagine are burial mounds filled with priceless arteefacks but in reality they are just leavings from the well digging that went on years ago. You can see a lot in the woods this time of year. Not long till it will be the time for fiddle heads and lady's slippers.

Monday, 26 March 2012

From Pondside

Just took a tromp around seeing as its 6.4°C. No sun but little wind. The good thing about blogging from my phone is that I can sit here at the edge of Grand Pond listening to the ice melt. Its so quiet here that you can hear the bubbles under the ice as it melts and when they come to the surface on the edges. Only a few months till we're swimming...and by we I mean me because Sam is afraid the pond monster will eat him. Granted I don't help because I tell him there is a little girl in the pond. You know a ghostly little girl that will grab his ankles in the deep channel between the shore and the island.
Before going to the pond I visited my campsite and walked down the private road I share with the cabin neighbours up above. I was sinking an inch and a half into the road it was so squooshy.
Yup its spring. One of the ravens or as they calls em out 'ere....dose fish crows...was collecting sticks for its nest. I love the ravens although I can't put suet blocks out for the little birds anymore because the ravens take them whole...the suet not the little birds. The wee birds...junkos and chickadees and finches are doing their crazy Red Baron and Snoopy type flying and cheep twittering. Its spring.
The chickens are ready to riot. They are rotted with me because they have been in lock down since one of the sister hens was killed by a Peregrine Falcon on Saturday. They look at me with disgust in their beady eyes from their enclosure. I explain its for their own good but they don't want to hear about it.
Time to go back up the hill and take the socks off the line and see what the dogs are barking about...the raven is probably taunting them with a stick.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bay Woberts and Whatnot

Went into Bay Woberts today for provisioning. I drove the long way in...through Makinsons, the Motion, Clarke's Beach. There is the saddest playground in Makinsons. Its the worst I have seen anywhere.
Anyway no horsies or ponies or cows out in the sunshine. There are some along that route. I did stop and take a picture of The Motion. And a couple of some mini buildings in the garden what looks to be an abandoned house. I want to know what happened to the person who made them.
Then on to provisioning. I gotta tell you...if you are looking for a perfectly presented grocery store...go to Powell's. It was gleaming. All the shelves faced perfectly. Lovely polite people. Cream pies. Loves it. And they had the funniest cereal ever.
Drove home the ugly fast way.
But my tea is steeped and curling is almost on...gotta go

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Operation Homespun - The Finale (of sorts)

There was quite a turnout today at the opening reception. Saw lots of folks I normally only see in the fall of the year. Met new folks. The family was in attendance... Mom and brother Auntie Faye. Sam's mom and sister Bonnie. Lots of friends.
There were some speeches...had to be some of those...this was a big deal after all. Lots of pictures being taken. It was fun.
Jane Crosbie was on hand to present the prizes with Anne Manual. So who won?
Andrea Babb (wristers) and yours truly (republic jacket) won publication prizes. Krystal Randel won for her skinned have to see it. Gillian Whittle won the Judges Choice for her Wave over Wave shawl.
This will be the finale for the Operation Homespun blogs but its just the beginning for Operation Homespun - The Next Generation.
No time to sleep....get knitting!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Operation Homespun- Episode Six

Twas the day before the show
All the knitters were raring to go
Mitts had been knit and wool had been spun
Was anyone feeling under the gun?

Treats would be baked for all of the folk
With all of the excitement we hope no one chokes
Don't think we need to worry about weather
Heading to town hell bent for leather

Didn't think we would get here
But get here we did
Pack up your Nan and pack up the kids
The knitters are ready to flip their lids.

Only one more sleep
We will be counting the sheep
Shushing everyone to not make a peep
Only one more sleep...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Operation Homespun - Episode Five

She's almost 'ere bys. The day after tomorrow is the big day. Never were knitters so excited. Now when it comes to big days dressing up is the norm. No surprise that I am not a fan of the dressing up. Part of this stems from having to shop and try on the potential dressing up items.
Soooo needing something to wear...and match my socks. And to go with jeans and crocs....I knit something.
I know...I know....but really did you expect anything different. Its a jumper. Or a T-shirt. Its whatever you want to call it. But its khaki. And has runes. And its made out of wool. Yes wool...and I don't want to hear anyone get on with any itchiness foolishness. I didn't take the best pictures at 4 am but it works. And its no surprise it says Operation Homespun on the front and The Next Generation on the back.
With my get up sorted, now what to do with my hair? Only two more sleeps...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Operation Homespun - A Pioneer

The upcoming exhibition is called Operation Homespun - The Next Generation. With only a few more days to go I thought it appropriate to say a few words about the last generation. One in particular...Miss Anna Templeton.
I never met her. I am sure lots of people have never heard of her. Joey Smallwood and Wilfred Grenfall get lots of attention even now and not to diminish their accomplishments Anna Templeton deserves just as much attention.
She was born in 1916. Got an education..graduated from McGill in 1938. Travelled the province before it was a province. And before there were roads. By boat and train and dog sled. She helped the women of Newfoundland learn creative skills. Knitting and weaving and sewing. And she also helped them learn about health and nutrition. Not a bad thing considering.
I wish I could have met her. To thank her for believing that craft is important. For being a driving force for future generations...even if they don't know it. For pulling people together to share their knowledge.
I am no expert on Miss T but I admire her and those who follow in her footsteps. If you would like to know more about her I have included a link to the Anna Templeton Centre and to the MUN archives (15 minute interview)
So people....keep knitting or weaving or potting or baking. Teach someone...or learn from someone. Make craft thrive by doing or admiring those who do.
Only three more sleeps...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

To kill or cure

After forgetting to pick up Tums Smoothies the last eight trips to civilization I got to thinking about possible alternate cures for heartburn. Back in the day there was little civilization to be found on this rock we call home.
Were people healthier then? Or did they just pretend so Mudder or Ole Aunt Flossie wouldn't dose them up? Because the home remedies were wicked. And some were way worse than others.
A bit of spruce beer could keep you from the scurvy. Not so bad. Got a cut? Slap on some spruce gum. Or a cobweb. Not Polysporin but not so bad. But it gets worse.
Got a cough? Mix up a brew of turnip, sugar and wild cherry bark. Or molasses and kerosene ( which could be formed into cough drops) or Minards Liniment...yes they would drink it. And that stuff could burn out your nose hairs.
Vinegar soaked brown paper was put on the ole noggin to cure a headache. I'm not sure what they did to cure the burning sensation in the eyes when the vinegar dripped in.
Now if you are worried about getting arthritis steal a potato and keep it in your pocket. The stolen spuds are more potent.
And for the love of whoever you hold holy you would have to be cracked to admit to a blister. Really. You would be cracked. Nan would take a needle...I know its not so bad...until she threaded it with homespun WOOL and ran it through the blister. Not done yet...the torture, I mean cure would continue when she snipped off the ends of the wool and left the rest to dry up the blister. Holy crap. I guess its true if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger or is it shoot me and put me out of my misery.
Pass me the Advil.

Operation Homespun - Episode Four

And now its Spring...on the calendar at least. Its a fairly decent morning but going to get a bit messy this afternoon. No matter what the weather its good for knitting.
The jacket and chullo I knit for the competition. My third bonus item was not. I figgered seeing as I had time I would knit one of my Rune hats. I have knit hundreds of them and they are all over the world so I had to knit one for the Operation Homespun exhibition.
I'll explain this whole rune thing. Many moons ago people used written symbols to communicate. The runes themselves have meanings like home or fertility or harvest or protection but they also have equivalents to modern English letters. Long ago they would be carved into items or stones. Some small rune stones can be used to tell fortunes similar to tarot cards.
I use runes in hat patterns. I had been knitting flap caps with snowflakes and star bursts and diamonds. I thought runes would work. I take sayings that tickle my fill yer boots and the arse is outta 'er and translate them into runes. Now with runes there are no silent letters or double letters but after that the only limitation for me is the length of the saying so that it will fit in a hat. Lucky for me Operation Homespun fit. Only four more sleeps...

Monday, 19 March 2012

Operation Homespun - An Interlude

So lets recap. I've gone on about my obsession with Operation Homespun. Talked about entries of others and entries of mine. Gotten through a few sleeps. And well you know we've all been knitting.
So this weekend I said to myself time for a new pair of socks. The rubber boot buster variety...see my rubber boot blog and page 71 of Operation Homespun. Now I don't knit socks very often and never for myself. But what the hell I need something to wear on my feet for the opening on Saturday. And an Operation Homespun exhibition only comes along every 32 years.
So socks it was to be. But not with snowflakes. Seeing as it was Paddy's Day weekend I thought I would whomp up something different. Double Irish Chain it would be. So while watching curling and NASCAR and Jurassic Park and in between junking up birch and baking of cakes and letting the dogs out  and in 42 000 times I knit my socks. And darned them and pressed them. And I will save them to wear on Saturday. Only five...yes five sleeps...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Operation Homespun- Episode Three

Anyone familiar with my knitting knows I knit a lot of hats. Almost all are knit with Briggs and Little Heritage Homespun which is 2 ply. I had been doing some fine wool mittens in an Andean pattern and this led me to the crazy thought of doing a fine wool hat. A chullo with a Newfoundland twist.
The last pages of Operation Homespun have moose graphs. They are facing each other and the one on the right is missing a stitch. Last fall I was in a moose vehicle accident involving two moose. I missed the first one and hit the other. So moose were going in my new hat design. They wandered under a starry sky...just as the moose I hit was doing. Although coming out of a ditch can't really be called wandering I suppose. I also added some twigs to chomp on.
For the flaps I knit stripes in the colours of the Labrador flag, the Republic flag and the official Newfoundland and Labrador flag (seeing as Christopher Pratt was nice enough to have it designed the same year as Operation Homespun was printed). I put the same colours on the top of the hat.
I like knitting with fine wool for a change. But then again any wool is good wool. Only six more sleeps...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Operation Homespun- Episode Two

So after thinking about what I wanted to make and looking through my wool inventory I decided that I would knit a variation of Shirley's Homespun Jacket on page 47. Instead of 4 ply I would use double Heritage 2 ply from Briggs and Little. In medium gray. Because I had enough medium gray on hand. And I always wanted to know how close the pencil drawing was to the reality. I wonder who did all those drawings...anyone know?
When it comes to knitting things I am not really one for knitting swatches and pre planning. I just sort of go with the flow.
So knit purl knit purl for a long time. Because its all ribbing.
When I had the back and the fronts and the sleeves done. I thought about pockets. I decided I didn't want the original pockets. Thought about inset side pockets. Threw pockets out the mental window because I felt they would ruin the line of the garment. Thought about closures. Belt? No belt? Wanted it to look dressier somehow. Had an idea. But first there was the hood to complete. I wanted a hood because hoods are cozy and because I love the Republic I decided to knit it like the flag. Pink, white and green. Let me tell you knitting that hood was quite the job. I actually had to put the sweater in a recycling bag and sit it on the floor so as I was knitting it could spin easier as I did the rows because the jacket was so big and bulky when I had it on my lap the knitting had my hands up at eyeball level.
So once that was done back to the closures. My mom had been in Maryland visiting my sister while I was knitting the jacket and found me the perfect buttons to use with my I cord frogs. Loved them. Used them. And because I was under my deadline I could try coming up with another entry. Only seven more sleeps...

Friday, 16 March 2012

Operation Homespun- Episode One

So the challenge was set. Use the ole noggin to create something inspired by Operation Homespun. Make the old, the new. And it didn't need to be knitted. Everyone could be makers, potters, crocheters just to name a few. Decisions decisions. What to make.
I had a few ideas but tossed them aside. Over the next week I will share my entries. Yes entries.
But I tell ya its like waiting for Christmas to see what everyone else created. I have seen some items on Facebook or on blogs. Urve Manuel made glass mittens and a glass sweater which are amazing. Gillian Whittle created a splendiferous shawl which was a combination of knitting and crochet. One of the students at the Anna Templeton Centre knit a pair of bloomers out of underwear cut into strips. And let me just say that I knit the bloomers out of wool and I have knit items out of strips I had to cut up....and to combine the two? Only knitters would think to to do that for fun! Mom knit a fairy sweater among other things. Other knitters I know, Joan Kane and Linda Lewis and Susan Furneaux have all knitted something...but I will have to wait and see what came from their brains and needles.
It is so so so exciting to think that all of the knitters will be getting together to see all the creations. And that non knitters will be gob smacked with the talent. And maybe our loved ones who don't normally "get it" will get it. You knitters know what I am talking about.
There was an article in the MUSe back in February about this exhibition and competition. It was nice to see. And it will be nice to see what is said after the opening next Saturday. Eight more sleeps.....

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Operation Homespun - The Prequel

How happy I was in 2009 when I heard the news. Finally finally finally Operation Homespun was going to be reprinted. When I was a little girl...eight or thereabouts...with two years of knitting under my belt a pattern book was published. And as I am looking at the letter written by Miss Anna Templeton (not to be confused with my late maternal grandmother Alma Templeman) it appears that it may have been written on my eighth birthday. Funny. But I digress as is my norm.
Back in the day Mom had a copy and so did Nan T. But not me. I had a photocopied sock pattern out the book and was allowed to peruse the actual book carefully. I would say year after year I wish they would reprint that pattern book. But it was not to be for DECADES.
Mom told me that the day had come and we both went down to the Anna Templeton Centre and got Bev to crack open the first box. And finally I had my own copy! Oh frabulous day!
Now don't get me wrong. It has its quirks. Some errors here and there. Pencil drawings of the finished item that sometimes look nothing like the item in question. But that's half the fun. Last year I knit the bloomers in fern green. Awesome! I will add a picture the next time I see them.
I have two copies now. Full of scribbles. Still haven't knit everything but I am working on it. So you might be wondering why this is the prequel. Well its like this. Last year it was announced that there was going to be an Operation Homespun exhibition at the Gallery at Devon House. A knitting exhibition! At the Gallery! For Operation Homespun- The Next Generation! Well holy homespun Batman. So I figgered I do a bit about it over this next week. It opens March 24...only nine more sleeps...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Road trip

Went into Sin Jawn's today. Visited me mudder and dropped off some eggs and pickles and lassy buns I baked this morning. Had to to go to Walmart for canine and feline sustenance.
Then off to see me brudder's kitchen. What a job he's done. Its splendiferous. He got some lassy buns and a jar of pickled carrots. While I was there, Nan and Pop stopped by. They had egg cartons and jars for me. It was Pope's birthday yesterday so wished him a belated.
Then off to the Country Store for chicken feed, shavings and scratch as a treat for the cluckers and new work gloves as a treat for me. I love going there. Everyone is so friendly and always remembers what you get. And its fun to look around and see what new livestocky things they have in.
Drove home in the blinding sunshine. Lugged all animal food to appropriate locations. Thanked the dogs and cat for not wrecking the house while I was gone. Let the stampeding chickens out to enjoy the sunbeams and their treats. Cleaned out the coop. Nice and cedar smelling. Collected the eggs. Hauled a bucket of icy water out of the outdoor well for the chickens.
Finally inside and starving. Put a bacon cheeseburger pizza in the oven while I got the wood stove going. Gonna knit and watch an episode of Alcatraz while I wait for the chickens to settle down so I can bar them up for the night. Phew. I need a slurp of that tea.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Today I was cutting wood. We have been clearing the hillside and I have lots of birch to junk. Before Sam went to the Big Land he had been using the wood horse up on the hill so first I had to carry it down to where I was cutting. It needed some repairs so back to the house for hammer and nails. I saved a trip by remembering to bring the bow saw with me. I like using my bow saw for trimming off little random branches.
I had bought myself a Stihl chainsaw my first birthday after we moved out here. Sam has a really old chainsaw that only works if you rub it three times, throw a nickel over your left shoulder and it needs a northeastly breeze of 17 km an hour. Or some voodoo of the like. So I needed my own. Its gotten a lot of use.
After I dragged some logs down, the junking went quickly. Birch cuts like butter especially with a new chain. The wind was enough to cut the eyes out of you today so I didn't cut tons. Because after the junking comes the hauling.
When there's no snow on the ground I use my zombie wheelbarrow to move wood from outside into the basement but this time of year I use my slide. My slide has been used for everything from wood or groceries. Its orange and plastic with sides. Would probably fit three bundled up toddlers. Because its a kids sliding slide. But we attached a rope and voila it became my moving heavy items contraption. Today I had four loads of woods to bring in. That's how many fill the wood box. All done for another few days.

Monday, 12 March 2012


I watch a good bit of television while knitting. I try to PVR what I can. I like watching shows in mini marathons. One of the other reasons is to avoid the ridiculous commercials that need to inform me that its a DRAMATIZATION. Really?
Who really believes that the dishwasher detergent has construction workers inside to jackhammer the lasagna remains off the pan? Or that there are Star Trek-esque spaceships blasting at the food bits. Or that those eyeglasses will give you a wall controller for the sunbeams?
It irks me. Even more than the mosquito font they insist on using for car ads. And is it a Canadian thing? Don't see it as much on the American ads.
If a company treats me like a dummy they don't deserve my business.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fill yer boots

Rubber boots...I love them. You can jam em on your feet summer or winter. You can splash in puddles. I have a pair with felt liners. I have a plaid pair. I used to have a bouncy camouflage pair that were my favorite but they wore out. I have a regular pair. But my favorite pair are Sam's. I steal them all the time because I can wear my wool socks and pant legs tucked in.
Now the non-lovable thing about rubber boots is what they do to a pair of socks. If you are laughing you know what I mean. No matter what you do to prepare those rubber boots will suck the socks right off your legs. It might take five minutes or it might take an hour bit eventually those socks become toe scrunchies. There you are in the bog or the snow or on a patch of moss balanced on one foot fishing the sock out of the depths of the boot. Never fails.
Now with that said I do have one pair of socks that defy the rubber boot. Mrs. Claus gave em to me for Christmas. They are wool. Salt and pepper in colour and knee high. They fold over the top of my rubber boots and have moose around the top. I need twenty pairs. Honestly. Twenty. At least.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


I love the morning even during the winter when I like to call it the crack of dark. You can just do so much more in the morning. Even when you might have to creep around so as to not wake the normal people who are sleeping. Even if nothing much gets done in the afternoon you feel like you accomplished tons if you get it done early.
This morning was calm. Snow sifting down out of the sky, coming to rest on the birch outside my bedroom window. Calm is good. I hate the wind. I would take a calm day over any other.
Mornings get better as the days get longer. Having a cup of tea outside listening to the birds or burning brush left over from lumberjacking. Walking down the driveway and across the street to Grand Pond to see if the trout are jumping or to go for a swim. Mornings are the best.
Granted during the winter you can't do those kinda things but there are still eggs to be collected and dogs to be fed. Shows on the PVR to catch up on. The wood stove needs to be chocked full and weather needs to be checked. Mornings are too good to be wasted.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Some fine wah?

Today we had one of those rare winter days that pretends to be spring. All the snow of the blizzard melted in hours. The wind was enough to blow the milk outta yer tea or the eyebrows off of yer face but it was warm. 11.3°C here on The Compound when I last checked.
I had to go into Bay Roberts for supplies today and on my way back I drove through South River to get to the post office. Saw a Newfoundland pony pulling a man in a racing trap. Was he ever going! Along the shoulder of the road kicking up gravel. The pony was a nice brown with no blazes or stars. The trap looked to be homemade and the man gave me a nod as I slowed down and he whizzed by. Can't wait to get my own pony. Where is the Barn Fairy when you need him?
So I picked up my mail from my post mistress Marjorie. She sorts it out in front of you and asks if you want any flyers today. We call it the postal shed because that's how big it is.
Let out the chickens to wander when I got home. They haven't blown away yet and they are very impressed with the snow melting so quickly. They can ramble all over today.  I won't tell them that snow is coming again. They are busy scratching around the lawn...I don't need to rake in the spring they do it for me. Good little feathered children.
No more time to spare, as if there is ever time to actually spare, gotta get some more wood in and shovel some of that snow bank out to melt before the temperature drops.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


When it comes to tea I have tried all kinds but my favorite is plain ole Tetley. Strong. Hot with milk and sugar. Fresh milk not tinned and sugar not sweetener. With that said I would drink it plain or sweet or just milky if that's all I had.
Tea is awesome to start the day. But after a hellish day its the bomb too. If your froze, yes froze, it can thaw you out. And while I am not a sappy saying lover...when I heard that tea was a hug in a mug I agreed. And I am not a hugger either.
But bar none the best friggin tea is woods tea. Winter woods tea. The kind you make out of snow if the pond is froze over. The kind that you make in a slut ( not the Rush Limbaugh kind but the Newfie kind), funny the names kettles have wah? The kind that you build a fire out of boughs on the snow and depending how deep the snow is it sinks below your feet till it meets the ground. Winter woods tea...with embers and needles and Gawd knows what else floating around in the water. In a blue metal mug...not steeped enough. Sugar and milk from mason jars. And hot enough to scald the guts out of ya. Pour up another.
Today's accompanying picture is of one of my favorite things. Its hung in my living room and it belonged to my Nan T and I inherited it after she passed away. It  sums it up. Tea. Have a cuppa.