Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Operation Homespun - Episode Four

And now its Spring...on the calendar at least. Its a fairly decent morning but going to get a bit messy this afternoon. No matter what the weather its good for knitting.
The jacket and chullo I knit for the competition. My third bonus item was not. I figgered seeing as I had time I would knit one of my Rune hats. I have knit hundreds of them and they are all over the world so I had to knit one for the Operation Homespun exhibition.
I'll explain this whole rune thing. Many moons ago people used written symbols to communicate. The runes themselves have meanings like home or fertility or harvest or protection but they also have equivalents to modern English letters. Long ago they would be carved into items or stones. Some small rune stones can be used to tell fortunes similar to tarot cards.
I use runes in hat patterns. I had been knitting flap caps with snowflakes and star bursts and diamonds. I thought runes would work. I take sayings that tickle my fancy...like fill yer boots and the arse is outta 'er and translate them into runes. Now with runes there are no silent letters or double letters but after that the only limitation for me is the length of the saying so that it will fit in a hat. Lucky for me Operation Homespun fit. Only four more sleeps...

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