Monday, 19 March 2012

Operation Homespun - An Interlude

So lets recap. I've gone on about my obsession with Operation Homespun. Talked about entries of others and entries of mine. Gotten through a few sleeps. And well you know we've all been knitting.
So this weekend I said to myself time for a new pair of socks. The rubber boot buster variety...see my rubber boot blog and page 71 of Operation Homespun. Now I don't knit socks very often and never for myself. But what the hell I need something to wear on my feet for the opening on Saturday. And an Operation Homespun exhibition only comes along every 32 years.
So socks it was to be. But not with snowflakes. Seeing as it was Paddy's Day weekend I thought I would whomp up something different. Double Irish Chain it would be. So while watching curling and NASCAR and Jurassic Park and in between junking up birch and baking of cakes and letting the dogs out  and in 42 000 times I knit my socks. And darned them and pressed them. And I will save them to wear on Saturday. Only five...yes five sleeps...

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