Sunday, 18 March 2012

Operation Homespun- Episode Three

Anyone familiar with my knitting knows I knit a lot of hats. Almost all are knit with Briggs and Little Heritage Homespun which is 2 ply. I had been doing some fine wool mittens in an Andean pattern and this led me to the crazy thought of doing a fine wool hat. A chullo with a Newfoundland twist.
The last pages of Operation Homespun have moose graphs. They are facing each other and the one on the right is missing a stitch. Last fall I was in a moose vehicle accident involving two moose. I missed the first one and hit the other. So moose were going in my new hat design. They wandered under a starry sky...just as the moose I hit was doing. Although coming out of a ditch can't really be called wandering I suppose. I also added some twigs to chomp on.
For the flaps I knit stripes in the colours of the Labrador flag, the Republic flag and the official Newfoundland and Labrador flag (seeing as Christopher Pratt was nice enough to have it designed the same year as Operation Homespun was printed). I put the same colours on the top of the hat.
I like knitting with fine wool for a change. But then again any wool is good wool. Only six more sleeps...

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