Saturday, 3 March 2012

Partners in Shenanigans

Growing up, we had cats not dogs but since I was a grown up (in a matter of speaking) I had dogs. So when Sam wanted to get a kitten I thought he was cracked. My house was set up for everything must be up. Up high enough not to be eaten or investigated. This was a learned behaviour after my first dog, Buddy (the bestest dog) hauled every shoe out of the closet and ate them and the time he chewed up the down duvet causing a feather storm inside the house. He was an Akita/ Lab mix who was ginormous.
But I we got a teeny kitten from a lady in Foxtrap. And the house needed to become cat and dog proof. This is a difficult combination because while you need everything out of reach of the ever inquisitive beagle brothers and their old brother Dakota this puts it directly in the path of Spider (short for Spiderman). His name is self explanatory.
Case in point, this morning I discovered that Spider had thrown Ms.Gingerbread Lady to her untimely death off the counter. After looking at the clues, I can only assume she landed in the waiting maw of Duke (he usually benefits from Spider's dastardly deeds).
Duke and Spider have a strange partnership. If Spider is not immediately released from the basement Duke will howl as if the end of days are eminent. Spider will wash Duke's ears and will hold him down if necessary. Spider is nine pounds and Duke is closer to 60 but no matter. And of courses Spider provides delicious baked goods from the counter.
But this doesn't mean that there can't be some chasing in between the whiles.
Ut-oh better go let Spider out of the basement.

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