Friday, 16 March 2012

Operation Homespun- Episode One

So the challenge was set. Use the ole noggin to create something inspired by Operation Homespun. Make the old, the new. And it didn't need to be knitted. Everyone could be makers, potters, crocheters just to name a few. Decisions decisions. What to make.
I had a few ideas but tossed them aside. Over the next week I will share my entries. Yes entries.
But I tell ya its like waiting for Christmas to see what everyone else created. I have seen some items on Facebook or on blogs. Urve Manuel made glass mittens and a glass sweater which are amazing. Gillian Whittle created a splendiferous shawl which was a combination of knitting and crochet. One of the students at the Anna Templeton Centre knit a pair of bloomers out of underwear cut into strips. And let me just say that I knit the bloomers out of wool and I have knit items out of strips I had to cut up....and to combine the two? Only knitters would think to to do that for fun! Mom knit a fairy sweater among other things. Other knitters I know, Joan Kane and Linda Lewis and Susan Furneaux have all knitted something...but I will have to wait and see what came from their brains and needles.
It is so so so exciting to think that all of the knitters will be getting together to see all the creations. And that non knitters will be gob smacked with the talent. And maybe our loved ones who don't normally "get it" will get it. You knitters know what I am talking about.
There was an article in the MUSe back in February about this exhibition and competition. It was nice to see. And it will be nice to see what is said after the opening next Saturday. Eight more sleeps.....

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