Friday, 2 March 2012

Outstanding Fines

Over the past few years I've heard more and more about these meat head drivers out there with tens of thousands of dollars in outstanding fines.
Then we have the meat heads who can't seem to do anything about it.
I have a suggestion that would be productive and deterrent. The money is obviously never ever ever going to be collected and these idiots keep driving so when you catch them put them on a chain gang.
Give every single senior citizen work credits for the things they don't have money to hire people shovelling and mowing. Its not taking away jobs and will help out people into the bargain. Not only that maybe these loser drivers will think about what they are doing if there's 1000 hours of back breaking effort involved.
If we run out of seniors that need the help put the meat heads out in the harbour over the bubble. Or maybe follow pigeons and gulls around. Or dogs. Or volunteers could trade their volunteer hours or blood donations for meat heads.
And publish pictures and names...maybe they would be embarrassed into stopping their ridiculous behaviour.
Just my two cents on a topic that makes my blood boil.

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