Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Today I was cutting wood. We have been clearing the hillside and I have lots of birch to junk. Before Sam went to the Big Land he had been using the wood horse up on the hill so first I had to carry it down to where I was cutting. It needed some repairs so back to the house for hammer and nails. I saved a trip by remembering to bring the bow saw with me. I like using my bow saw for trimming off little random branches.
I had bought myself a Stihl chainsaw my first birthday after we moved out here. Sam has a really old chainsaw that only works if you rub it three times, throw a nickel over your left shoulder and it needs a northeastly breeze of 17 km an hour. Or some voodoo of the like. So I needed my own. Its gotten a lot of use.
After I dragged some logs down, the junking went quickly. Birch cuts like butter especially with a new chain. The wind was enough to cut the eyes out of you today so I didn't cut tons. Because after the junking comes the hauling.
When there's no snow on the ground I use my zombie wheelbarrow to move wood from outside into the basement but this time of year I use my slide. My slide has been used for everything from wood or groceries. Its orange and plastic with sides. Would probably fit three bundled up toddlers. Because its a kids sliding slide. But we attached a rope and voila it became my moving heavy items contraption. Today I had four loads of woods to bring in. That's how many fill the wood box. All done for another few days.

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