Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Blizzard Part Deux

Well what a day it turned out to be. After starting off with a blizzard it became the perfect of winter days. Nar a cloud in the blue blue sky.
The snow was the good shovelling kind. As Goldilocks would say not too hard and not too soft. And yes I don't mind the shovelling. Actually I kinda like it. Which is a good thing cause I do a lot of it. Even when Sam is home I am the shoveller of The Compound. He thinks I'm cracked because I have to shovel before feet or tires touch the snow to be shovelled. So I shovel the paths to the bird feeder, the chicken coop, from the house to the driveway, the driveway itself and a scratchy spot for the chickens to play outside.
Its a pretty good feeling when you see the neatly shovelled places and the untromped snow all around. Time for tea and banana bread.

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