Saturday, 10 March 2012


I love the morning even during the winter when I like to call it the crack of dark. You can just do so much more in the morning. Even when you might have to creep around so as to not wake the normal people who are sleeping. Even if nothing much gets done in the afternoon you feel like you accomplished tons if you get it done early.
This morning was calm. Snow sifting down out of the sky, coming to rest on the birch outside my bedroom window. Calm is good. I hate the wind. I would take a calm day over any other.
Mornings get better as the days get longer. Having a cup of tea outside listening to the birds or burning brush left over from lumberjacking. Walking down the driveway and across the street to Grand Pond to see if the trout are jumping or to go for a swim. Mornings are the best.
Granted during the winter you can't do those kinda things but there are still eggs to be collected and dogs to be fed. Shows on the PVR to catch up on. The wood stove needs to be chocked full and weather needs to be checked. Mornings are too good to be wasted.

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