Friday, 9 March 2012

Some fine wah?

Today we had one of those rare winter days that pretends to be spring. All the snow of the blizzard melted in hours. The wind was enough to blow the milk outta yer tea or the eyebrows off of yer face but it was warm. 11.3°C here on The Compound when I last checked.
I had to go into Bay Roberts for supplies today and on my way back I drove through South River to get to the post office. Saw a Newfoundland pony pulling a man in a racing trap. Was he ever going! Along the shoulder of the road kicking up gravel. The pony was a nice brown with no blazes or stars. The trap looked to be homemade and the man gave me a nod as I slowed down and he whizzed by. Can't wait to get my own pony. Where is the Barn Fairy when you need him?
So I picked up my mail from my post mistress Marjorie. She sorts it out in front of you and asks if you want any flyers today. We call it the postal shed because that's how big it is.
Let out the chickens to wander when I got home. They haven't blown away yet and they are very impressed with the snow melting so quickly. They can ramble all over today.  I won't tell them that snow is coming again. They are busy scratching around the lawn...I don't need to rake in the spring they do it for me. Good little feathered children.
No more time to spare, as if there is ever time to actually spare, gotta get some more wood in and shovel some of that snow bank out to melt before the temperature drops.

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