Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bay Woberts and Whatnot

Went into Bay Woberts today for provisioning. I drove the long way in...through Makinsons, the Motion, Clarke's Beach. There is the saddest playground in Makinsons. Its the worst I have seen anywhere.
Anyway no horsies or ponies or cows out in the sunshine. There are some along that route. I did stop and take a picture of The Motion. And a couple of some mini buildings in the garden what looks to be an abandoned house. I want to know what happened to the person who made them.
Then on to provisioning. I gotta tell you...if you are looking for a perfectly presented grocery store...go to Powell's. It was gleaming. All the shelves faced perfectly. Lovely polite people. Cream pies. Loves it. And they had the funniest cereal ever.
Drove home the ugly fast way.
But my tea is steeped and curling is almost on...gotta go

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