Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Operation Homespun - A Pioneer

The upcoming exhibition is called Operation Homespun - The Next Generation. With only a few more days to go I thought it appropriate to say a few words about the last generation. One in particular...Miss Anna Templeton.
I never met her. I am sure lots of people have never heard of her. Joey Smallwood and Wilfred Grenfall get lots of attention even now and not to diminish their accomplishments Anna Templeton deserves just as much attention.
She was born in 1916. Got an education..graduated from McGill in 1938. Travelled the province before it was a province. And before there were roads. By boat and train and dog sled. She helped the women of Newfoundland learn creative skills. Knitting and weaving and sewing. And she also helped them learn about health and nutrition. Not a bad thing considering.
I wish I could have met her. To thank her for believing that craft is important. For being a driving force for future generations...even if they don't know it. For pulling people together to share their knowledge.
I am no expert on Miss T but I admire her and those who follow in her footsteps. If you would like to know more about her I have included a link to the Anna Templeton Centre and to the MUN archives (15 minute interview)
So people....keep knitting or weaving or potting or baking. Teach someone...or learn from someone. Make craft thrive by doing or admiring those who do.
Only three more sleeps...

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