Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Postal Shed and the Liberry

Slalomed and moguled down the road today. Is it ever in hard shape. But its still quicker than going the less bumpy way. Stopped into the Postal Shed and saw Marjorie the Post Mistress who's back from vacation.
Seeing as its Wednesday I stopped into the Bakery Outlet down in Bay Roberts where I had heard you could get bread and whatnot for chickens. They didn't have any...I was too late but the nice lady gave me her number to call. The going rate is 20 loaves for $3. Well then. Apparently some farmers buy thousands at one go.
Then off to the liberry. I loves the liberry. Okay fine then the liiibrary. Its a new one in Bay Roberts. How new I don't know but they have a pretty good selection. I got some awesome knitting books and a sealing book from the folklore series circa 1979 and a novel and a cookbook and the Cuffer Anthology. It doesn't take long to pick out 12 books.
I should have stopped and got some salt cod from buddy who was selling it off the hood of his car for $4/lb but I didn't pass him on the way home. There's always something for sale on the side of the road. That's the fun part of driving the old way.
No time to waste with new readables in the house.

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