Monday, 5 March 2012

She's messy

Yesterday was a spring like day. A bunch of rain and lots of wind. Nice and warm especially when the sun came out. Lots of melty goodness.
The chickens were enjoying the expanding grassland. Sam was out cutting wood. Ryan Snoddon was sending out what seemed like a gazillion weather warnings.
Today is a state. Snow fell. Then freezing rain and regular rain. A bit of wind for good measure. Its a droopy sway-y tree day. The kind of day when your footprints are against you as the sloppy wetness either soaks your pants from the bottom up or splatters all over. To sum it up....she's messy. Then factor in the temperature drop that's coming to freeze it all its best not to go out.
Have a cup of tea. Stay warm and dry. And talk about the weather...its what we do.

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