Monday, 26 March 2012

From Pondside

Just took a tromp around seeing as its 6.4°C. No sun but little wind. The good thing about blogging from my phone is that I can sit here at the edge of Grand Pond listening to the ice melt. Its so quiet here that you can hear the bubbles under the ice as it melts and when they come to the surface on the edges. Only a few months till we're swimming...and by we I mean me because Sam is afraid the pond monster will eat him. Granted I don't help because I tell him there is a little girl in the pond. You know a ghostly little girl that will grab his ankles in the deep channel between the shore and the island.
Before going to the pond I visited my campsite and walked down the private road I share with the cabin neighbours up above. I was sinking an inch and a half into the road it was so squooshy.
Yup its spring. One of the ravens or as they calls em out 'ere....dose fish crows...was collecting sticks for its nest. I love the ravens although I can't put suet blocks out for the little birds anymore because the ravens take them whole...the suet not the little birds. The wee birds...junkos and chickadees and finches are doing their crazy Red Baron and Snoopy type flying and cheep twittering. Its spring.
The chickens are ready to riot. They are rotted with me because they have been in lock down since one of the sister hens was killed by a Peregrine Falcon on Saturday. They look at me with disgust in their beady eyes from their enclosure. I explain its for their own good but they don't want to hear about it.
Time to go back up the hill and take the socks off the line and see what the dogs are barking about...the raven is probably taunting them with a stick.

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  1. I am gonna be late for work. Just discovered your blog this am and read 'em all.
    I LOVE them.And congratulation on the beautiful winning jacket for OHTNG. The opening was a grand affair for sure - lots of fun.
    It was indeed wonderfowl to take this paws but now I gotta RUN!
    g-a Faye