Thursday, 8 March 2012


When it comes to tea I have tried all kinds but my favorite is plain ole Tetley. Strong. Hot with milk and sugar. Fresh milk not tinned and sugar not sweetener. With that said I would drink it plain or sweet or just milky if that's all I had.
Tea is awesome to start the day. But after a hellish day its the bomb too. If your froze, yes froze, it can thaw you out. And while I am not a sappy saying lover...when I heard that tea was a hug in a mug I agreed. And I am not a hugger either.
But bar none the best friggin tea is woods tea. Winter woods tea. The kind you make out of snow if the pond is froze over. The kind that you make in a slut ( not the Rush Limbaugh kind but the Newfie kind), funny the names kettles have wah? The kind that you build a fire out of boughs on the snow and depending how deep the snow is it sinks below your feet till it meets the ground. Winter woods tea...with embers and needles and Gawd knows what else floating around in the water. In a blue metal mug...not steeped enough. Sugar and milk from mason jars. And hot enough to scald the guts out of ya. Pour up another.
Today's accompanying picture is of one of my favorite things. Its hung in my living room and it belonged to my Nan T and I inherited it after she passed away. It  sums it up. Tea. Have a cuppa.

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