Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Road trip

Went into Sin Jawn's today. Visited me mudder and dropped off some eggs and pickles and lassy buns I baked this morning. Had to to go to Walmart for canine and feline sustenance.
Then off to see me brudder's kitchen. What a job he's done. Its splendiferous. He got some lassy buns and a jar of pickled carrots. While I was there, Nan and Pop stopped by. They had egg cartons and jars for me. It was Pope's birthday yesterday so wished him a belated.
Then off to the Country Store for chicken feed, shavings and scratch as a treat for the cluckers and new work gloves as a treat for me. I love going there. Everyone is so friendly and always remembers what you get. And its fun to look around and see what new livestocky things they have in.
Drove home in the blinding sunshine. Lugged all animal food to appropriate locations. Thanked the dogs and cat for not wrecking the house while I was gone. Let the stampeding chickens out to enjoy the sunbeams and their treats. Cleaned out the coop. Nice and cedar smelling. Collected the eggs. Hauled a bucket of icy water out of the outdoor well for the chickens.
Finally inside and starving. Put a bacon cheeseburger pizza in the oven while I got the wood stove going. Gonna knit and watch an episode of Alcatraz while I wait for the chickens to settle down so I can bar them up for the night. Phew. I need a slurp of that tea.

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