Saturday, 24 March 2012

Operation Homespun - The Finale (of sorts)

There was quite a turnout today at the opening reception. Saw lots of folks I normally only see in the fall of the year. Met new folks. The family was in attendance... Mom and brother Auntie Faye. Sam's mom and sister Bonnie. Lots of friends.
There were some speeches...had to be some of those...this was a big deal after all. Lots of pictures being taken. It was fun.
Jane Crosbie was on hand to present the prizes with Anne Manual. So who won?
Andrea Babb (wristers) and yours truly (republic jacket) won publication prizes. Krystal Randel won for her skinned have to see it. Gillian Whittle won the Judges Choice for her Wave over Wave shawl.
This will be the finale for the Operation Homespun blogs but its just the beginning for Operation Homespun - The Next Generation.
No time to sleep....get knitting!

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