Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Today should be the day. Don't wanna ginx it (today we shall use G's for J's).
Little Storm and Cloud should be making the trek from Whitbourne today. Yippee!
Since Saturday we have been going steady belt to get everything ready. Gutted the side of the Old Shack that will be their inside accommodation. Cleared trees and whatnot out of the first stage outdoor paddock. First stage because we will keep expanding.
Felled a gazillion trees for fencing. Dragged em out of the woods, limbed em and skinned em. Measured and cut them and pounded and nailed em. Ran out of nails.
Yesterday Himself went and got hay and hinges and nails and fencing. Discovered a 50lb bale of hay will not fit in the trunk but will fit in the back seat. When he got home we continued and finished the fence. We've got a few more things to finish before the little munchkins get here but nothing too much :)

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