Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Storm and Cloud

They arrived at about 5:30 yesterday. The cutest wee goats, Storm and Cloud. They didn't have to travel far...only from Whitbourne.
We had just finished their accommodations. And I had to laugh because I told Himself how little they were but he must've tuned me out or not believed my crazy talk. Well when he saw them both in a dog crate in the back of the pickup and then picked up one to carry him...well then he believed. Our beagle Duke weighs more than twice what one goat does.
Storm and Cloud had been living on a patio. They were filled with goaty glee when they were put in their pen. Grass and shrubbery to eat. Things to jump and play on. They started chomping and frolicking immediately. Duke and Chief were very interested in their new hooved brothers. They sang them a beagle welcome. Storm and Cloud ignored them.
Then as darkness fell Himself worried that the goats needed a night light. So there was light in the Old Shack for the first time in years in not decades. Storm and Cloud snuggled up together and went to sleep.
I dare say there will be even more visitors to The Compound now that these little munchkins have taken up residence. I know I am still doing a goaty jig! They are goatacular!

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