Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Some Good Market

This past weekend we held the first Some Good Market. What fun! Lots of people came by on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone got to meet the chickens. Everyone went away away with treats.
The weather cooperated but with the awesome event tent it didn't matter. We were covered.
It was awesome seeing people I hadn't seen in ages and others I had never met in person. We had people arrive on bicycle, atvs and by the carload. Mom took folks up to the Campsite for a look and Sam took others down for a flick in Grand Pond.
Not only was it fun during the day but it was fun to read what people were saying on FB.
Currant buns were inhaled on the way home by toddlers and grownups alike. Babies tried green tomato pickles for the first time. Hot dogs were garnished with cabbage and onion pickles. Little kiddies hid lassy buns away to have one for later and others were devoured. Cinnamon cakes were eaten while waiting at the store on the way home. Puppy dogs scoffed barky bones. Breakfasts of the eggs that were brought home by the 6's, the 4's and finally the 2's were eaten.
What a time. I can't wait to have another'll be July 14-15. There will be repeat vendors and some new ones! Stay tuned...should be some fun announcements as we get closer.

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  1. WOOT! we are actually off that weekend so we will be there!