Thursday, 28 June 2012

Goat News June 28

So I have spent the last 36 hours stalking my new goats. You've probably seen umpteen pictures and videos and that won't change till the data allotment gets used lol. Here are some things I have learned about Storm and Cloud.

1. They are super cute and are personality plus. They would be sure to win any Goat Congeniality award.

2. Storm loves raisins but Cloud does not. Can't blame him really.

3. They need raincoats and sou'westers and goat rubbers.

4. Hay is their least favorite thing to eat. Least being relative when it comes to eating anything.

5. I have said stop eating my shorts more times than Bart Simpson said to eat his.

6. As much as I hate people eating noises, goat chomping is a very soothing noise...just like chicken cheeps.

7. Himself makes more goat noises than the goats do.

8. Dandelion leaves and raspberry bushes are yummy.

9. They like their new furniture.

10. Its only a matter of time before I am sharing the couch with two beagles, a cat and two wee goats.

I need to learn tons more about goats but in the meantime thanks to everyone who helped in my procurement of Storm and Cloud…and if you love hearing about goats...go to The Grumpy Goat Gallery in Upper Island Cove to see two awesome girl goats and beautiful art...and Baynoddy in Chapels Cove to see goats, llamas and sheep not to mention the lovely spinning and knitted things.

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