Monday, 2 July 2012

Livin' the Dream

I'm sitting out by the chicken coop hanging out with Onesie. He gets picked on sometimes by the big chickens...even his mom. But he/she is a very advanced chicken...way smarter about everything than the other young chickens.
I just got back from a swim. Swimming in the pond is like walking around in the night being able to see in peoples houses. Nothing better than swimming around the pond after a hot day outside weeding and whatnot. There were swallows doing loopdeeloops overhead and then skimming around me an inch above water. Awesome.
When I was walking up the driveway there were baby bunnies hopping away. Himself says if I catch any I can keep em.
Storm and Cloud had lots of visitors this weekend...21 to be exact. Between them and the silkies everyone is amazed at the cuteness. Duke and Chief still don't know what the horned creatures are all about but as long as they all get the same amount of scratches and rubdowns they are content.
All the weekenders are packing up to go back to civilization so it will be back to normal peacefulness soon. Poor buggers slogging back over the highway in that end of long weekend traffic.
I love it here. I'm like that little jammy girl in the coffee commercial. I love my house! I love my beagles. I love my garden. I love my get the idea.

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