Friday, 6 July 2012

Descended From Goats..

Watch "Sam brings home goat greens" on YouTube

So you might be thinking...descended from goats? What now?
Well when I first mentioned goats to Himself he wasn't overly excited but once they got here....well that's a different story. He shaves carrots for their breakfast and calls to see how they are doing. Yesterday he stopped at Butterpot to get ginormous dandelions and raspberry for them. Had to wash em too to remove spit bug spit and other possible nonleafy material that might be abhorrent to a goats palette. Yes I know...
Anyhoo it makes sense that he's a softie for goats. Here is the story. Sixty odd years ago Himself's dad was born and his mother passed away. So as his newborn son stayed in the hospital, Himself's pop (also a Sam) buried his wife. He then brought his baby boy home, to die they said. But there was a goat. And that goat provided the milk to keep the baby alive. Can you imagine? Well that baby grew up and had his own kids (couldn't resist) and one was Himself. So there it is. Thanks long ago goat!
So we will have the spoiledest goats in the world. Not a surprise I know.


  1. Yes!
    Goats were a great source of nourishment for babe's when mamma's milk wasn't available. They were much easier to get than cows. Can you imagine moving a cow in a small boat to get to one of our little coves out around the bay?