Sunday, 24 June 2012

Getting My Goats: Part Deux

So yesterday I decided to zip out to Whitbourne to see the little goats. Its only ten minutes away. I called the lady and she said come on over. So off I went.
When I arrived there was a welcoming committee of puppy dogs. Let's see if I can remember. There was a Burmese mountain cross. A seven month old Newfoundland. A fluffy black pregnant teacup Pomeranian about to have her puppies. A golden retriever cross. Another medium size fluffy something and two more Pomeranians.
In I went and out through the house to where the goats were. Now I went to see them thinking about getting one. Because they are both boys. And I thought I would only have one boy and then find a girlfriend for him. Well at some point there might be a girlfriend but these little dudes are twins and act like it. So we will cross any bridges when they get older if we need to.
Now before I go on about the goats. This lady also had two horses there. Now she used to have miniature horses too but they had already gone to new homes. Her health isn't so good so she is having to downsize her menagerie. Her friend was there told me she had been in tears lately about it. Poor lady.
But back to the horses. The first one, a mare was gigantic. A former racehorse who had been worked almost to death in the woods after retirement. She is 12. When the lady rescued her she was hundreds of pounds underweight and had broken ribs and cuts from barbed wire. The man who owned her and abused her to this point had already shot a Newfoundland pony in his "care" and the only reason this horse hadn't met the same fate was that she was so big he would have had trouble hiding her body. The vet said she was on deaths door. But she is back to health and lovely. I fed her carrots (like ya would) If anyone is looking for a beautiful, calm ride able mare contact me and I'll get you more info :)
So that was sad and happy at the same time.
But Storm and Cloud meanwhile were playing with their rubber chicken...I know awesome what? They ate some carrot too and basically were too adorable for words. So the lady said she would drop em off on Tuesday and I thought she was gonna cry when I said I would keep them together and take both. Why Tuesday? Well there are goat accommodation to get ready and fences to be built and hay to be gotten and all kinds of goatly things to do.
When I got home and told Himself he was like what?! I think he thought I wouldn't find goats lol. So he started the list of things to do ( trying to scare me off) and off I went. Most of the interior work is done. Fenceposts will be cut today. And tomorrow he gets to cram the car with as much as will fit from Country Co-op. We need chicken feed anyways...fencing, hay, grain and buckets and a gazillion other things. Come on Goat Day...I mean Tuesday.

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