Friday, 15 June 2012

Little Growing Things

I love growing things. Little seeds turning into food. Its awesome. This year I am doing a two phase planting. Did I plan it that way? Nooo, of course not. But it'll work well.
My peas, green beans, beet, spuds, carrots, and swiss chard are all up. They made it through the couple weeks of fog. The onions are clipping along. I still have to plant yellow beans, more green beans, okra and collard greens.
Yesterday I stopped in to a little spot in South River to get some tomatoes. There is a lady there who has greenhouses and sells flowers and veggies. I don't think it has a name. When I dropped by she was hosting a party for the Clarke's Beach Friends group and they were having a grand ole scoff of desserts and whatnot. She brought me to the tomato corner and picked out beefsteak, sub arctic and tiny tim tomato plants for me. She had asked me what type of tomatoes I wanted and had a chuckle when I said it didn't matter. When she was tallying up my purchase I took advantage of all the locals to ask about pygmy goats. No leads. But they got a giggle out of it.
I planted the tomatoes yesterday. Over the next few days I'll plant the rest of my seeds in between knitting and pickling and marmalading.
Go plant something now...its good for you :)

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