Sunday, 1 April 2012

Get Thee Hence

So yesterday we had a bit of snow. From bare ground with crocuses to 30+ cm of the white stuff. Now I know we are all ranting and roaring for spring to arrive for good but we could look at this snow storm as a good thing. Don't give me that look.
Traditionally, having a storm like this after Paddy's Day...Sheilagh sweeping her steps like Nan...means that a good spring is on the way. And Sheilagh's sweeping is a better indicator of spring's arrival here on the rock than any foolish groundhog. I mean we don't even have any groundhogs.
The sealers can think about getting out on the ice once the Brush has come and gone. And if you look at the forecast it appears we might have some sun and normal for this time of year temperatures. So get thee hence o month of March...we've given the orders.
April means chocolate and daffodils and skipping ropes and all the accoutrements associated with Easter and spring.
It also means today is April Fool's've got 4 hours left for your foolishness otherwise:
April fool is gone a past and you're the biggest fool at last.
Up the ladder, down the tree, you're a bigger fool than me.
Skin the rabbit, pick the hen, you're the biggest fool again.

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