Friday, 13 April 2012

A Yaffle o' Stuff

What am I gettin on wit today? Well did a bit of knitting, watched some awful movies, did a bit of burning and filled in the craters at the end of the driveway. When Sam came home I decided a trip to Bay Roberts was in order.
Well I got an awesome bunch of stuff. Boring ole groceries too but whatever. Got some salt fish bits and hard bread because I'm gonna have a Nan T lunch tomorrow. She would make me fish and brewis just for me. So tomorrow I will make it just for me and Sam had better keep his paws off. Crap he saw the hard tack so we'll be like the gulls tomorrow.
I also got a seal skin coin purse at The Hands of Olsen. Found out that the Mormons...the ones from Utah...get seal skin bible covers from this guy. He's also working on laptop cases. And he and his daughter have made about 3000 of those little seals with the beady eyes.
I also picked up a plastic owl. Who knew they would have them at the Dollar store. He's gonna try to keep the hawks away from the chickens. And a new republic flag. This is number 3. That wind shreds em....less than a year is all they last.
Oh and I got a new rake. You can never have too many and the old one is around the age of Buckleys goat.
So that was my awesome shopping trip. Now back to the needles.

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