Thursday, 5 April 2012

Owls and Frogs

Cell service has not been up to par the last couple of days so no blogging for me. That's one of the cons of living on The Compound at times. What odds.
So my friend Mel has two cute little boys...they came to visit last weekend. The littler one, Ben was wearing a cute little frog hat so I thought his tootsies could use some froggie slippers. So Ben became a froggie slipper test subject. They turned out okay but a little too big for his littleness.
Big brother Jakob...who's not much bigger really....he gets owls. I would have liked to do snowy owls...but really what mom wants white slippers for a little toddling boy? That would be crazy. So brown owls it was. These should fit Jakob pretty well....but the great thing about slippers is the fit needn't be perfect.
Now that I have the bugs worked out with sizes I will try a pair in salt and pepper with republic flags. Cause you can't have too many things with pink, white and green.

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