Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Large Day

What a day it turned (turnt) out to be! I had to run down to Bay Roberts for brad nails and a broom and sugar and what not. Wore jeans and a jacket and was cooked by the time I got back.
Today is put down the floor (finally) day. T&G fav. Its been in the old shack for a couple years now aging. So I am the cart the wood over and lean it up person while himself is the cut measure ans nail guy. In between my lugging I put up my new eggs for sale sign and hung out laundry and had wobblepops.
I also hung out some chicken proof bird feeders. Poor little birds have been suffering since the chickens and blue jays started their war. I am down another hen because one of the older ladies keeled over yesterday in between the meter man and the Hickeys truck thinking they were making their delivery here.
Of course himself is inside going off his head because he whacked his skull off the shelf for the third time. Really? Three times? Of you don't learn your lesson after the first time...well no sympathy from me.
But what a day! Its like May two-four. Everyone is at their far as I could tell coming back to The Compound from Bay Roberts. A convoy of ATVs just zoomed past. Noisy buggers getting dust on my line of clothes. Had a float plane do a couple fly bys on the pond...went right over the house...low too. I tried to get pics but no luck. I did however put my feet in the pond today. Not swimming temperature yet but close. And tomorrow is going to be wicked weather wise too!

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