Sunday, 22 April 2012

What the? April?

Bys oh bys. What a weekend! Was it May two-fer? Seemed like it but no its still only April. It was a fine time.
Weird though. Not only the weather. This morning a regiment (a whole lot anyway) of military folks went marching by. In full kit and guns at the ready. When they went by the first time they were in good formation but on the return trip some were in hard shape. But a half dozen read the egg sign and a few called out to Duke who of course was barking them on.
Yesterday during our 14 hour flooring marathon we had a float plane zoom over a few times. I even ran down to the pond to try to get a picture. But I was too slow. But the floor is laid but not totally painted.
Who got some colour? Mostly everyone I'd say. I was out in the sun yesterday while lugging lumber back and forth. Today I sat out and watched the creatures. Grouse...chickens...chickadees taunting Spider at their new feeder. It was nice.
I also had my rune stones out drying in the sun. I can't wait to fire them. Just need the weather to cooperate. If they work out I am gonna whomp up some more. But bottom line it was a deadly weekend and I dare say everyone's beat to the proverbial snot.

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