Monday, 30 April 2012

Me Buddy's Brew Shop (Among Other Things)

Today seems like its two days long. Lord Lipton. Seeing as we were supposed to have snow and the wind was no longer at hurricane strength I started some burning at about 7. That took a couple hours. And an old poppy stopped by to see what my egg sign was all about. He seemed nice. He was out for a walk. But he was a close talker. You know, they keep backing you up as they try to keep a twelve inch space between you. He'd never seen green eggs before today.
We didn't get any snow out here. A bit of drizzle and then the sun came out. The chickens decided they would lie in the sun. They look dead when they do that sprawled out wings all akimbo.
When Himself got home I booted it to the postal shed but they had closed 45 seconds before I arrived. So off to Bay Roberts for some supplies. Went to Me Buddy's Brew Shop. Its the best spot to get supplies. Cheap! And friendly. And I get to barter. Today I got 10 dozen caps and a 1.2kg bag of corn sugar for a dozens eggs. Can't go wrong. Then off to Price Choppers which is in the process of becoming Food land. Which is great if you like air miles but not so good if you are trying to find stuff as they set up the new store in amongst the old. I might not have spuds but at least I can make beer.

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