Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Old Shack & The Knitted Shawl

Exciting goings on here at the Compound today. Holy jumpins! But we need some background...why is it the Compound? When I bought the place I knew it needed a name. Nine acres...the size of Jericho...two houses and a shed. On one of the old surveys the house we don't live in is called The Old Shack. So the name The Compound fit and stuck.
So Himself got a new quad today. He has wanted one since we got here so he's like a youngster Christmas morning. But its new and shiny and needs a place to sleep at night. So the retrofit of The Old Shack began. We use it for storage. Recycling, seasonal items like the pool and stuff. And junk that came with The Compound. Good thing we laid the floor last week because that's where the boards had been stored. But now I understand why it was finally laid.
It was gutted today. And the phrase put the side back in the house is apt. So while Himself was doing all that I was completing a shawl for myself...another check on the bucket list.
Just as the rain came, Trikey (I know I know) went to bed in his new home. The snow blower will join him tomorrow.
Phew! I love my shawl. Its alpaca and soft and a lovely greeny mossy colour that doesn't show true in the picture. But back to proper homespun wool and knitting other stuff now....after supper...we are all gut founded.

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