Monday, 2 April 2012

The Jailbreak and the Snitch

Now I might have three dogs and nine acres but I don't let them roam. My nerves can't take it. My dogs have always been behind a fence or on a leash. I don't like the dogs being free. When I lived in civilization and walked my first dog Buddy...on his leash...we were attacked twice by dogs. One was roaming on his property and came up on the road and took a chunk out of my poor doggy. And no apologies from the owner either once he heard about it.
Now this is not to say there aren't jailbreaks. It happens. Around here it usually happens after snow has built up to the point where my less than svelte beagles can hop the fence. This year we upped the height of the perimeter with birch tops. But this weekend we had a surprise. Now we had removed the birch because all the snow had melted but low and behold I was in the kitchen and heard Chief whining his head off outside. Now this normally means either Duke or Dakota has a bone or toy Chief wants. Not this time. Duke...the fattest shortest beagle in the Northern Hemisphere if not the Universe had high jumped the fence. With not a peck of snow to help. Chief is taller and only an ounce or two less fat couldn't do it so had to rat out his brother. The brother doing laps around the house. Instead of coming in the patio door Duke jumped back in and came inside as if nothing had happened.
So the birch went back. But beagles like raptors...and I say this in the same voice as dude in Jurassic Park...remember. They test the fence. And yesterday Dude was sproinging around a la spring lambs or baby mountain goats. And left tracks like a 80 lb April Fools rabbit.
So now I must supervise pee breaks so there aren't jailbreaks.

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