Sunday, 8 April 2012

When Sun Rays Crown...

Sitting on the couch, bookended by beagles, watching the Masters and knitting. Sun is setting and I thought I would stroll down to the pond. Open water not a bit of ice. Bit of a breeze and lop on the pond. The birds are zipping back and forth. Nest building and twitterpating. Two loons just flew by skimming the water near the far shore. Don't see any mink yet. They hang out across the channel on the island.
My beach is back but the rock jetty Sam built is still a good foot under water.
This time of year is so peaceful...the cabin crowd isn't back yet. In between skidooing and trouting yet so its just us and the scattered handful of retirees.
But its all good, might have some visitors this week. Better go back up the hill and get back to the knitting.

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