Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Past & Presents

Getting ready to go into town. Not town really but in the direction of town. Two stops to make. Outer Cove for turkey lurkey and surprise dessert...I hope its what I think it might be and Portugal Cove to drop off Easter Seal Flipper pie.
Its warmed up midnight it was 2.7° and by 3 am it was 12.5° but its raining.
So Easter reminds me of yellow tissue paper and skipping ropes and Peeps. We would always get loot of some sort. I like loot. But one Easter always sticks out.
I wasn't very old but I got up early to see what Mr. E. Bunny had possibly dropped off. I have no recollection of eggs or whatnot but what I saw in the backyard! A swing set. I got myself dressed and went out for a swing. Didn't wake up my little sister. Or my parents. Just went outside and swinged or swung. Needless to say the parental authorities were not happy to not find me Easter morning. But it was an awesome Easter.
Whether its daffodils or eggs or a Mr. Crispy done in tissue from Nan (my favorite part of chocolate bunnies are their eyes) or Peeps or wishing Ayres was still around so you could go in and by waxy hollow eggs and get them personalized in icing or church type stuff I hope your Easter gives you good memories.
Hoppy Easter from the Compound. Have an eggcellent day!

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