Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Signs of Life

What a warm and humid day here on The Compound. The sun is thinking about coming out but even with cloudy skies its warm. Was knitting this morning...and getting distracted by the knitting needles that had been lost and were discovered yesterday. So I need eight sets of hands for what I want to be at. Oh the rain has started...let's go inside.
So anyhoo I was stirring up the compost heap. The chickens were helping with the stirring and making a meal of earthworms while they were at it. I was also raking up the piles of dry grass and leaves and sticks that the Chicken Chain Gang has been scratching out from under the rose wall. They are always helping.
Speaking of the girls...we had three fatalities in the last little while. A murder by Peregrine Falcon and complications from a murder attempt and then last week one keeled over after the Hickeys truck with the wrong address came barrelling up the driveway and decided to turn around on my grassy lawn. They won't be back. Ever. So I am down a few girls. But one of the girls decided to take matters into her own wings. She's sitting on a clutch. So in a couple weeks we will hopefully have some baby chickens. Waiting...I hates it as much as Smeagal hateses nasty hobbitses. So stay tuned.
The leaves are almost out on the roses and lilacs. The gooseberry bushes' leaves have unfurled and the rhubarb leaves are about the size of cereal bowl. Yay! Early spring consists of more of that *grrr* waiting. But April is almost over so we are that much closer to planting time. Hmmm another bonus of knitting is that it fills all kinds of waiting time...that's another reason to love sticks and string.

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