Friday, 6 April 2012

16 Innings & Salt Pork Buns

I am a sports fan. Not all sports mind you. Soccer is boring. Darts is a skill not a sport. And give poker its own channel because it shouldn't be on TSN.
Then there are sports I like. Hockey...Leafs fan so that's a lesson in futility. Football...Packers have been kind. I don't like the CFL. And I will watch tennis grand slams, curling, Olympics, Tour de France till my eyes bleed. And this time of season starts. The season all shiny and new. Optimism abounds. I am a Jays fan. I remember when they won the World Series. A long time ago...I was a waitress at The Strand. Yup that's how long ago. Yes I know they won twice. But those damn Yankees and Red Sox. Argh.
But yesterday I was knitting and baking and watching Glenn Howard play the Chinese and some Masters. I knew the Jays were playing the season opener but what odds. They smash my hopes most years. But as I finished making salt pork buns...they were on my bucket list...I realized the Jays were still playing...they had come from behind and it was the top of the 15th. Well then. A three run homer in the 16th won it. The longest opening day game ever...for anyone. Maybe this will be the year. Maybe.
The salt pork buns turned out wicked. Ought to make some more today as the first batch are going to the Cove for the Annual Poker Game. A cup of finely chopped salt pork. Makes me think that they were special buns back in the day when the womenfolk had a yaffle of youngsters and had to lug water and wash the clothes and no dials on the stove and were preggers most of the time to boot. Who had time to be chopping salt pork finely for a batch of buns that wouldn't last five minutes.

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