Friday, 20 April 2012

Clay Day!

So one of the things I did yesterday was swing by Devon House and the Clay Studio. I got myself a hunk of clay to do something with. What I didn't know. But something.
I did a class there a few years ago and made some cups and a two handled mug. It was fun. They have all kinds of fun things to do and look at and buy.
So home I came with my clay. Sam was like what's that in the bag? Clay. He doesn't understand. What odds. He doesn't have to. I was going to play with my clay over the next little while. But yesterday I got word that sealers were ashore and my pelts were waiting...on ice thankfully.
So clay was ramped up. Now you may know about my rune hats. I like runes. I have a set of store bought rune stones that I bought with a little book many moons ago. Holy jumpins it was probably almost 20 years ago now. So what better activity than making rune stones. My technique is improving with each one. Much better than cups or whatnot.
The cool thing about runes is that they have English equivalents and each one also has a name and traditional meaning. They can be used like tarot cards to tell fortunes too. If the are upside down they mean the opposite. Totally awesome. Some look like English letters but aren't. For example the rune that looks like a M represents the English e. Its called Ehwaz and represents movement. Traditionally this meant horse or the movement of the sun. So it can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Those Vikings just didn't raid and pillage...they used runes too. But they weren't the only ones. I tell you one thing...someone is gonna have fun when they dig up the Compound eons from now.

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