Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Time's a'wastin

Its days like today that I think of things that need doing. Its the best of spring days. Sunny again! Warmer than the day before.
The list is never ending. But its a good list. A no stress list. Something to be said for lists of that sort.
We got a good bit of the hill cleared this year. Its a fair sized hill. Chain saw and bow saw got a workout. So did the bodies.
Soon its time to till up the garden and decide what to plant. Spuds, carrots, onions, peas and beans and beets for sure. But we usually try other stuff too.
It won't be the year for the barn. Boy oh boy I can't wait till its the year of the barn. But too much to do yet. Can't get sheep and goats and a pony till we have the barn.
But maybe this year will be the year we build a root cellar and an outdoor oven. I can hope.
So much to do. But when its what you want to be doing it makes all the difference.
Spruce beer again this year. Maybe birch beer too. Would like to get those done before the rhubarb is ready for chopping. Rhubarb time is a busy time. Wine and pickles. And I have a rhubarb network. My own rhubarb yes...but more comes from Broad Cove and Outer Cove. 
Oh one of these days I will have everything situated. Barn and pasture and outdoor kitchens and everything else. But this week I need to get crackin, its spring and time's a'wastin. Oh and the sealers should be in with my pelts in a couple days...

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